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We are excited to have two great events for you in February.  
(Breast) Thermography Screening at Kinesis on Saturday February 22nd.
This screening is open to everyone.  Digital Infrared Thermography is painless, radiation-free imaging used for early detection and prevention.  Thermography is FDA approved and can be used for any part of the body... It can detect cancer much sooner than a mammogram! For more info, see our Thermography Flyer.  

Consider a Cleanse for Lent this Year:
Free Class on Purification on Tueaday February 26th at 6 pm.

Many people choose to give up a food for Lent. If you're debating what you want to do for Lent this year, consider doing more than just giving up one vice.  A comprehensive cleanse program can really improve your physical health during this spiritual time.  Call us to sign up for this chance to learn more about purifying your body -- (630) 474 - 9453.
Space is limited! Special discount will be announced at the class.

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